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Ryegrass - Our High Fibre Ryegrass Haylage is suitable for all types of horse and we aim for a dry matter of 75%. This makes it economical to feed as you are not paying for water, also hard feed quantities can be reduced.

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Timothy Haylage

Timothy Haylage - Our Timothy Haylage is made from a traditional native grass; it is high in fibre and has a lower energy level making it particularly suitable for native breeds and good-doers

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Opening Devon Haylage bales:

Some of our customers have been asking how to open our new bales.  Click here for some instructions which we hope you will find useful.


Nutritional and Mineral forage analysis results are back from ForagePlus.  Click here for full report.



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'I have been feeding Devon Haylage to my three young Iberians for over a year and they have never done so well!  They are all barefoot and can now 'rock crunch' over most surfaces.  Two of them suffer from digestive issues but remain healthy on Devon Haylage.  I now only feed additional supplementary feed as and when they need it.  The other bonus is I no longer have to take anti-histamines as it is dust free!' Kate Sandel www.softandsound.org

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Devon Haylage – Quality dust free forage

Devon Haylage are proud producers of quality High Fibre Haylage grown specifically for the Equine market. We believe that many horses could perform on a complete forage diet alone and that Devon Haylage could be the ideal maintenance feed.

We understand that our customers require for their horse a high dry matter, High Fibre Ryegrass or Timothy Haylage which is consistent in quality throughout the year.  Forage is the most important element of any horse’s diet and so should be high quality; dust, mould and fungal spore free. Our haylage meets these criteria and is also high in dry matter making it excellent value for money.